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10 Innocent Disney Child Stars Gone Wild

The Disney Channel has a "machine" in place to crank out young stars. They accomplish this through TV shows, original movies, and a record division many of their stars both act and sing. The machine is very good at what it does, as quite a few popular performers have emerged from it over the years. The thing about child stars, though, is that they eventually grow up. And when they grow up, they have to re-establish themselves as adult actors. They can't get by on mere kid cuteness anymore. That requires an image shift.

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These days, she's busy reinventing herself. Once upon a time, the Jonas Brothers were the biggest thing around. The musician siblings were Disney staples.

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They even famously wore purity rings to proclaim their chastity. These days, Nick Jonas no longer wears his purity ring, for understandable reasons. It even won an Emmy for Outstanding Children's Program. The show aired for four seasons, eventually spawning a TV movie. She portrayed the "good girl" in a group of hard-partying college students who fall in with a gangster while on spring break.

She plays Nina, the high school hottie and fantasy figure for a geeky male student. That guy of course bets a classmate that he can bed her. If you're in the mood to roll your eyes, here's the trailer. She has obviously kissed Waverly Place goodbye. Like Gomez, Demi Lovato got her start alongside the purple dinosaur Barney. Lovato quickly developed a large fan following, thanks to her cheery nature and huge smile. Based on Robert Rodriguez's ultra-violent vampire movie, the show cast her as a sexy, leather-wearing, gun-toting badass.

Top 10 Prettiest Nickelodeon Girls 2018 - Stars Life

Not only did Lovato get to engage in some action, she even had the opportunity to do something unfathomable on the Disney Channel: drop the F-bomb.

Clearly, Demi Lovato is dedicated to naughtiness. As he got older, adult women started swooning as much as tween girls had previously. Efron's non-Disney movie career failed to flourish, though. Surprisingly, the actor demonstrates a real knack for this type of comedy, giving a performance that is funny without veering into caricature, and it would seem he's found his nitch. The actress captivated fans young and old with her beautiful singing voice, winning personality, and movie star looks.

Unlike some of the other Disney starlets e. Tisdale and Duffshe also projected substance and depth onscreen. You didn't have to look hard to see that she had something special, and young girls related to her in a big way.

Nickelodeon Naked Pics - Nickelodeon Porn images and photos. ImageWeb: Home Latest Top Tags XXX Cams Live Sex Chat Live Girls Softcore Porn: Nickelodeon. Nickelodeon Porn Porn Spongebob Disney Cartoon Porn Nude Porn Sex Free Fake Celebrity Porn Porn Spongebob Nickelodeon Porn Porn Spongebob. Nov 09,   Former Disney Channel stars such as Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, and Miley Cyrus have all posted nude pics on Instagram. Others have bared all for a movie or TV show, such as Cole Sprouse. Check out. 15 Photos of Nickelodeon Stars Who Aren't So Innocent Anymore. If you were anywhere between kid and tween in the 90's, you had the honour of being subjected to a slew of Nickelodeon shows.

The role finds Hudgens drinking, doing drugs, using a gun, screaming obscenities, having a swimming pool threesome with Franco and co-star Ashley Benson, and even doing a brief bit of nudity.

Many went online to condemn her for appearing in such an intentionally provocative film. It made sense, though. His character, Louis, was known for pulling pranks and engaging in disgusting behaviors like picking his nose. The show ended, but it didn't take long for him to establish himself outside the Disney corridors. His talent was too great to be ignored. But LaBeouf was a rebel, and apparently one not entirely comfortable with blockbuster success.

He retreated to independent films, especially those that contained challenging subject matter. The extremely graphic, nudity-filled scene inspired the actor to toy with the press, implying that the sex was real and suggesting that he won the role only after sending von Trier pictures of his privates.

Perhaps no performer on this list has been more closely associated with Disney than Miley Cyrus. Ratings went through the roof, and Miley's face was plastered over every type of merchandising tie-in imaginable. The latter was so popular that it ranks among the highest-grossing concert docs ever. As far as movies go, we're cutting Miley some slack here. Most of her films have stayed firmly in the PG realm.

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Somewhere, Hannah Montana is clutching her pearls. What's the most un-Disney-like thing you can imagine? Drug use? Nope, the answer would be "going full Nazi. What he didn't retire from, however, was being a troublemaker. InMatthew had some pretty serious legal issues when the police searched his home and found that he was in possession of illegal marijuana.

To top the cake, they also found a year-old girl in his bedroom; he was charged with possession. Later in the year, he was arrested and jailed when he violated his probation and was found drinking at a lounge he co-owns in Port St Lucie, Florida.

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It turns out he was actually violating 5 probationary orders, and served 30 days in jail for his offenses. He seems to have been keeping a pretty low profile since ; no news of him making a comeback or committing any more crimes for the time being! Towards the end of her days with Nickelodeon, she made a buzz when near-nude photos of her were leaked online.

According to her Twitter defenses, the photos were meant to be super secret.

Nude nick stars

Despite the network standing by her, the relationship was strained aren't these Nickelodeon folks used to train wreck kids? A few months after the leaked photos were blasted across the net, new near-nudes of Jennette started to circulate. Rumour has it that she was responsible for releasing these photos of herself; is it possible that she just wanted attention, after all this time?!

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Ryan Rottman is known for his portrayal of Joey on the Nickelodeon hit Gigantic. That is, until you throw together a mix of too much booze, a few entitled Hollywood rich kids, and a bad idea to get behind the wheel. In a fairly unsurprising turn of events, Rottman was arrested for driving under the influence in the summer of Since all kid stars seem to flock together, no one was surprised to hear reports that Zac Efron and Rumer Willis were also at the scene of the crime.

According to reports, police pulled Ryan over after his car jumped over a curb, somewhere along Hollywood Boulevard. Why don't these kids just call cabs? Or drivers? I'm sure they can afford to spend a few bills on getting people to drive them around when they're wasted. Remember the Ariana Grande and Big Sean love affair that lasted for a few minutes in ? Ariana denied the accusations and defended her at-the-time honey.

Fast forward a few months, and we have Ariana accusing her honey boo of cheating on her. This is getting complicated.

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Big Sean defended his position by saying that his grandmother had recently died, and that some old flames were texting him to send condolences. I sincerely hope that's a real alibi, because if not, Big Sean is the absolute worst!

You do not play the dead-grandma card to get out of jail! The two singers were doomed from the start, it seems. Accusing each other of cheating back and forth for a few months finally killed the romance and these two called it quits in early The uwindandwaterdesigns.comecedented success of the show turned her into a household name.

The daughter of country singer Billy Ray CyrusMiley developed a fan base of tweens that exceeded logic. Her music career exploded as did her brain. Miley went through a pretty "wild child" phase. The world watched on as an unravelling Miley shaved her head, flashed her bits and partied until the sun came up Nobody was actually surprised when Miley invented the most awful of trends at the VMAs, the twerk.

Grinding up on Robin Thicke during a performance of his hit Blurred Lines, Miley proved to the world for once and for all that she could not be trusted with the position of role model to millions of preteens.

Before Shia LaBeouf embarked on his public unravelling in Hollywood, he was a successful child actor. Portraying Louis on Disney's Even Stevens, his kid-star reign lasted almost a decade, as he slowly emerged as a respectable actor and began to book bigger acting gigs.

He starred in Blockbusters hits Transformers and Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps before his behaviour took a turn for the strange side. Admitting to having an alcohol problem, Shia made headlines for super odd behaviour; wearing a paper bag on his head to the premiere of his film Nymphomaniacchasing a homeless man down the street and starting fights in the streets of LA. He took to Twitter to report that he was retiring from "all public life", but that was short-lived. McEnroeset to hit theatres this year.

Demi Lovato 's career has been on fire lately. She has a new album out, is touring, and looks amazing. It wasn't always butterflies and roses for this former Disney child actor. For months, inshe was grazing headlines in the tabloids for her wild behaviour.

She was the picture of the Hollywood party girl, always spotted red-eyed at nightclubs. Her habits quickly got the best of her and she descended into a pretty public meltdown. Demi checked into a rehab center to help her deal with a slew of addictions. The young starlet was battling bulimia, struggling with self-harmful behaviour and was later diagnosed as having bipolar disorder.

The stint in rehab seems to have done her a world of good. The star has maintained sobriety for years, focuses on keeping fit and having a healthy relationship with food and keeps her mental illness in check with proper medication. Vanessa Hudgens ' was the "it girl" of High School Musicaland perhaps best known for her years of dating costar Zac Efron.

Mar 18,   Nickelodeon stars (from left to right) Elizabeth Gillies, Jennette McCurdy, Butterface McGee, Victoria Justice, Miranda Cosgrove, and Ariana Grande pose for a nude photo during a wild pool party. To celebrate surpassing the Disney Channel as the most degenerate infidel television channel dedicated to using whores to sell sex to children, Nickelodeon threw a pool party for their top teen stars. 10 Disney/Nickelodeon Stars Who Grew Up And Stripped Down. By Josh Sorokach The actress shed her Disney image once and for all when she appeared nude in 's Josh Sorokach. Nov 12,   For the "God Is a Woman" music video that dropped in July , the Victorious star was filmed nude in paint. She originally uploaded a behind-the-scenes pic from the music video to .

The two were constantly in the limelight, frolicking hand in hand at the beach, being spotted on high end dates. They were the cutest Hollywood tween couple, until they split in Her multiple nude photos scandals.

When she was just 18, she had her first experience with photo leaks. Seven years later, hackers struck again when photos of a then year old Hudgens' again hit the web. There haven't been any leaks sincebut we won't be surprised if more are on their way.

The queen of pop herself, Miss Britney Spearswas probably the first millennial public breakdown. The poor girl had a lot on her plate, back in Britney famously married two deadbeats within a few years of each other one annulment, one divorce and had two little boys with baby-daddy Kevin Federline.

In the aftermath of having her kids, things took a turn for the ugly. Britney famously shaved her long blonde locks off, attacked paparazzi with an umbrella and just went knees-deep to crazy-town.

8 Nickelodeon Stars Who've Bared All

The poor girl probably just needed some serious repose from the spotlight. That, she did get, when she admitted herself to a treatment facility and started facing her demons. Almost a decade later, Brit is doing super fantastic.

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A visit to her Instagram page confirms that the star is living a balanced, healthy life. Leave Britney alone!

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