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He flips me on my back and busts his nut all over me. He kisses me, and tells me to follow him back into the house and get in the shower with him. Phat Daddy, your are really sexy. Beat this ass up so good you make me run from it. Hurting but pleasure. Looking at him just makes me scream and it sends goose bumps up my back and down my neck. He makes my ass cream without a second thought thats man haves so much sex appeal.


The thought of just see him and lettin him have his way with me just puts me in shock. I would just love to let my eyes look and greys the thought of him being in my present.

I'm a true closet freak and knowing me I would just let him have his way with me. Rip me apart and turm me in sideout make me feel like the true freak that I real am. My thoughts of him just is over bearing I don't know if I could last but I would make it last for a lifetime. That is my fantasy about Phat Daddy. Every time I view one of Phat Daddy's scenes, I immediately bust a nut quickly.

He has one of the biggest dicks I have every seen. I have had many dreams of him fucking the hell out of me and me sucking the hell out of that big dick until he explodes in my mouth. I Love me some Phat Daddy! Yo wats up bro im rican 25 damn u look fine as hell id love for u to meet up wit me and u can do anything with me ontop of that ur latino like me damn those lips im feelin the tattoos i got some as well id like for u to fuck me softly and harder as we go id deep throat and swallow ur cum and i dont do that but just for u cause damn u is fine as fuck and u are just the right size and same structure as me damn i cant stop sayin damn lol you should get at me.

Im on Vacation in Mami at the Palms hotel we pass eye contact to one another but don't speak. Yet you slowly lick your lips. In the back of my mind I imagine me riding your dick because I know I have a thing for liteskin dudes especially mixed races. Later after me going to my room taking a shower of course I caressed my body and played with myself I come to the lobby and sign up to recieve a massage. So I relocate into the private room where I will recieve my massage. The assistant offers me a towel and points me in the direction to unrobe.

So I enter the room slowly begin to unrobe. I slowly remove my shirt. I then begin to place my hand in my underwear caressing my body I begin to moan, I try to keep my voice down but the feeling is to good me thinking of the gentlemen I saw in the lobby. I slowly grab my dick and attempt to jack off yet I get a feeling Im being watch yet I dont care.

I then notice the cum I have made a mess with so I wash myself off. Then I remember I brought a sex toy with me so I rush to my changing back grab the toy and sloowly force it into my ass more and more I begin to moan louder. Then I hear a voice say do you need some assistance. I then robe myself with the towel and rush to the massage table.

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I then wait to recieve my massage so I lay on the table in shock because I was caught in a sexual act. I hear the person giving the massage enter the room and say are you ready for your massage as he slowly rub his hand up my thigh I turn around and I notice its the gentlemen from the lobby.

The one who I thought about in the shower and in the changing room. You slowly drip oil on my back caress me with your hands, my ass cheeks quickly tighten. You then respond don't be nervous I will give you pleasure. I then let you rub my body for two hours. Then you slowly remove my towel and say now its time for the ass cheeks. You spread my cheeks and gracefully stick your two fingers in my asshole I then begin to moan.

Next I notice you eatting me out I then begin to to force me ass in the air. You soon reply oh you like that I lie and shout out no but I enjoy it. You then ask was the show in the changing room for me. I shout out yes Papi. Then you come over to my face and say that I make you dick hard would I like to see it I reply hell yesh. You then bust a nut and it shoots to the back of my throat I enjoy it.

Then you replymay I fuck you I reply with pleasureso you walk to the back of the table hop on then plung your dick inside me.

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I then raise my ass in the air again and ask you to go faster. I then turn around lay you on your back as I quickly ride your dick. We fuck for hours and you became my first to bust inside of me. I reach down for a kiss as I'm still riding the dick and your soon response was can I meet you in your room in ten minutes. I reply I will give you my spear key To Be Continued Oooh Phat Daddy, I want you to be my first.

Didnt know I was into guys until I start watching your videos among others. After coming from the show we chill at the hotel your room or mine. We do small talk very small talk.

I start to give you a massage. You loving my massage I give great massagesyou give my massage. I start sucking your dick. Taking every inch of it in my mouth. And then I let you do anything you want me to do. Hola papi, puedo decir con mucho orgullo que te conoci en persona, eres el tipo mas buena gente y eres un gran ser humano. I am your number one latin fan. Tengo todos tus movies y siempre estoy pensando en ti. Tu sabes quien soy. Te re quiero y te deseo mucha suerte.

Dont forget you are the best of the best. Chau papi. Phatt Daddy needs to bottom or flip on Papithugz. To get fucked by Phat, his brother and Castro- while roll'n all night! Fuck with me- if you want me, come find me He know knows i shall beg and do as he desires.

Phatt Daddy. I want Phat Daddy to breed me, pumping me full of his goo till it drools out of my fuck swollen cunthole when I stand up. Phat Daddy will keep me barefoot and pregnant all the time and I won't ask him for one cent in support money.

I can believe everytime i look him reminds me so much about my ex, I bet he can fuck good, anyways he is fine I wanna watch you fuck Angyl Valantino,that would be so hot because both of you have lots of tats! I also like your brother,too! I want a chance to taste that ass and fuck you with my tongue and I want him to ride my face.

I love seeing that ass every time you dicking somebody down. You have the best ass I ever seen and if I ever see you I can guarantee I will grab and grip it. Phat daddy is the fuck, my hole has not been touched in 2 years, in hope of pharmacy daddy 2 bust it open, I hope dreams come true he is worth the waiting. I'm a 6'5", lbs dark skin, masculine brotha who's more top than bottom.

I ONLY get into the guys with swagger. I fantasize about King Dingo and Phat Daddy daily. I would love to meet the brothers at a sporting event basketballengage in small talk and coerce them back to my hotel to suck them off.

It would be heaven to see them totally nude, jacking their dicks. I would love to be fucked but I don't know if I can handle both in 24 hours. I would like for Phat Daddy to fuck me like its tha day left on earth an we are the only two people left.

I am so into this man it is not even funny. I had him when I was a sixteen year oold white gay fem boi in a juvenile program in saint petersburg florida.

I sucked him in a bathroom stall at least 2 or 3 times late at night. I also met his brother once or twice as well as his mother. So ha ha ha. The people in the program all found out what happened between me and him.

It was a scandal but than shortly after I got released and have never seen him again. Have always fantasized about that big fat cock down my throat,and than to see him in porn now My fantasy is to Be with him as the beautiful transexual I am now. I know hes originally from lakeland florida to let you know Im for real! I want to flip flop with him and have him suck my big fat cock this time! Fuck his ass and have him fuck me too!

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Phat Daddy has always been one of my favorites! It's something about him that just gets to me. He pulls up at the pump adjacent from mine. We lock eyes, but of course we gon on about our business. He goes in to pay for the gas and comes back out and looks at me again. He comes over to ask me for a lighter and we exchange in small talk. He says he is in town for awhile and trying to hang out. I invite him to my crib, and we smoke and have a drink. He notices my booty, and asks me if he can touch it.

He starts rubbin my body down, feelin my thighs, my legs and phat ass booty. He takes off my clothes and turns me around. I can feel his dick pressed up on my ass. I take off his clothes and push him on the couch. I put a condom on wit just my mouth, and mount his massive dick. I scream, but it felt good. Phat Daddy I'm a fan!!! His Dick Inside of me, Balls Deep in every position there is and him just Cteaming the shit out of me and just waking up beside him!!

I want phat daddy to fuck me and eat my asshole while he wearing some black footie socks and NY yankee fitted hat. I would strip him and suck dat phat azz dick til no tomorrow then somehow we would make it outside and he fucks me n front of some ppl we dontt knw who they r and dnt care then his sexy ass brother fucks me n the mouth an busts a fat ass nut all over my face while phat daddy busts all in and over my ass and dick I would love to see your sexy ass be more versatile, passionate in your scenes and flip flop action.

You have great assests that dick, that nice hard tight ass use it all to your advantge in a night with me! For you to get this ass nice and wet and blow my back and for me to swallow every last drop of cum that you produce in one night.

Then pull me close. It's late night or early in the morning after leaving the club. On a low volume traffic highway my car breaks down. Just as I pull over, Phatt Daddy passes by but slowly pulls to the side. As he starts to back up I began to notice that he's one of the guys from the club.

I began checking under the hood hoping to find the problem not really noticing anything. Phat Daddy exits his car, walks up and ask if I need any help. I can't find the problem, I respond while checking the cables. Phat Daddy suggest that I try to start it again.

Just as I try, it begans to rain. Phat Daddy offers to give me a ride to my destination. I inform him that I'm visiting and that I'm staying at a hotel. Phat Daddy agrees to take me to my hotel. Upon arrival, I ask Phat Daddy to come up to dry off and if he didn't mind, take me back after the rain stop to check on my car.

He agrees. Once we get to the room Phat Daddy goes to the bathroom to remove his wet clothes. He exits the bathroom with a towel around his waist. We began to talk and I try not to stare at his sexy body and big dick.

I get up to take my shower at the same time Phat Daddy leans back on the bed to rest. As I exit the shower I notice that Phat Daddy's towel has opened.

I began to touch and kiss on his chest. I slowly began to caress his dick with my hands. I notice that he is becoming erect. I get on my knees between his legs to start licking on his balls and sucking his dick. As I suck his dick, I feel his hand grab the back of my head and force feed me even more of that dick.

After sucking that did for a while I ask Phat Daddy to sit on my face so I can eat that ass. I began to grab him by his thighs and hips to pull him closer. I began to jack my dick.

Phat Daddy forces me to turn over. At first there's hesitation, but I give in and he begans to slowy enter me. He eventually becomes agressive and just have his way with me.

Just he reaches his climax he turns me over and nuts on my chest and lips. Just as he colapsed on the bed the rain stopped. Therefore we got dressed and we went back to the car. He is extremely hot and sexy; however, I would like to see him engaged in passionate kissing episodes prior to topping the guys.

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And what would really be hot is this: to see Phat Daddy bottom for one of the hung guys in the stableJT comes to mind or Alehandro. What do you think, Phat Daddy? I would bathe him wit my tounge all over hiz body. Kissing him from behind hiz ear to da tip of dat dick till i reach the base of hiz feet. Me and that nigga would play the Xbox, smoke madd L's I'd let him do whatever. I always had this fantasy of him coming in my room on my birthday with a bow tied around his dick, and I would untie it and we would have the best night of our lives.

I would do anything to him and he would do anything he would like to me. Both of our fantasies would come true. So if I could get in contact with him, someone let me know.

Watch Cristobal Phat Daddy gay porn videos for free, here on Discover the growing collection of high quality Most Relevant gay XXX movies and clips. No other sex tube is more popular and features more Cristobal Phat Daddy gay scenes than Pornhub! Browse through our impressive selection of porn videos in HD quality on any device you own. Phat Daddy knows that it hurts so he slaps my ass with just enough force, spanking me until I take all of his huge manhood inside of me. Once he's got me open, he fucks me with Phat Daddy perfection getting all the pleasure he wants, his own way. Phat Daddy doesn't waste anything so at the right time he cums in my face and mouth. , phat daddy gay FREE videos found on XVIDEOS for this search. orgy gay phat daddy gay big daddy latino fan club gay brasil amador orgy gay big daddy black nude man stage gay black gangbang phat daddy gay nude wrestling tally woodheroin rasi sex king dingo breed it raw gay black bear black cocl gay interracial flip fuck.

Too be honest!! Yo, Phat daddy is hot but i would cherish having him as my homie than anything else in the world. To be able to have this Hot Boy as your friend. Yo thats worht more to me than all the fucking in the world. Yo i can have my fantasies in the privacy of my own home. Yo Phat i hope you read this lol. Im a fan for life. I had Phat Daddy back when he was straight! He was my first and although he fucks men I still love him! No fantasies here To be honest I I want u to say my name and fuck me hard!!

I just want u to be as 1 with me as well as in me! Fuck the slow music, candles etc. Love to take care of him and glady let him have control of me in the bed room.

Share and bookmark Phat Daddy profile: Are you Phat Daddy? Contact us by email to obtain control of this profile. Ads by Gay XVideos History Hist. Android App. Watch Phat Daddy Fucks Arquez gay porn videos for free, here on Discover the growing collection of high quality Most Relevant gay XXX movies and clips. No other sex tube is more popular and features more Phat Daddy Fucks Arquez gay scenes than Pornhub! Browse through our impressive selection of porn videos in HD quality on any device you own. A male pornstar originally from Florida, Phat Daddy (AKA Cezar Dior) is a hot Latino man-well, actually a mix of Black and Latino. He mostly performed on the gay side of the industry, predominantly as a top. He just loves to slide his dick in and out of a guy's backdoor.

I would be loving him and his dick! Damn, I just want to meet you in person man, just feel your breath on me when you talk : Do something nice, like a movie, dinner. Just get to know one another. Have you hold me at end of the night, and kiss and cuddle in front of my fireplace. Are you and Dingo really brothers? I've been a follower of Phat Daddy for a long long time and he is looking phantastic. It would be so nice to have Phat Daddy over to challenge me on the XBOX and after a while of gaming, he changes the atmosphere Phat Daddy style by taking off his shirt to show me his new tats and then pulling out his dick to show me how horny he is.

Since he's always the winner, I suck his dick, deep and long while Phat Daddy slaps my face and shoves my head down on his shaft. He taste sooo good and knows how to stay in complete control. It's not long before Phat Daddy wants dat azz so he orders me to turn around, yanks my pants down, rips my drawers open, spits on my hole and slowly inserts all of his dick in my ass. Phat Daddy knows that it hurts so he slaps my ass with just enough force, spanking me until I take all of his huge manhood inside of me.

Once he's got me open, he fucks me with Phat Daddy perfection getting all the pleasure he wants, his own way. Phat Daddy doesn't waste anything so at the right time he cums in my face and mouth. I lick his dick clean. Daddy kisses me, tells me how good I am and it's back to the games. Phat Daddy's the type of kat I would massage and seduce. I'd probably take him to shoot some basketball first Then, take him home and give him a massage.

Then let him massage me. Slow at first I'd make him want this ass as bad as I want him. I mean When we get done, just chill and watch TV My fantasy with sexy Phat Daddy would be stranded on a Island making hot, sizzling, raw sex Being trapped in the steam room at the gym with phat daddy in nothing but a tery cloth towel and his dick rock hard,and him staring at me to relieve his steam coming from his lower region for about 8hours hot steam hot mouth hot man deep in me nice.

I wud love to suck his dick all day long. I want to lick whip cream of his sexy 6pac and work my way down to his monster dick.

Choose for Phat Daddy naked in an incredible selection of hardcore FREE Porn videos. The hottest pornstars doing their best work can always be found here at so it's no surprise that only the steamiest Phat Daddy sex videos await you .

Deep throating every inch of it. Making it wet for him so he could slide it all up in me I can see him truly coming over and grab me and being very aggressive and in the same time gentle just to show his swag. I am opening his jeans with my mouth and looking direct to his eyes, and thru his eyes I can see it all what he wants, and how.

I stop for a brief moment and he start to take my shirt out and pulling out my pants and feeling my ass. Grabbing at the same movement my head and bring to his chest, pulling me down, where I face his phat big cock.

Stroking within my mouth and pushing all the way in, bring tears out my eyes and he enjoying every movement. After playing with my mouth and feeling my ass with his strong and firm hands; he turn me around and pull my legs up and ask me if I am ready to take a real cock? Without hesitation or a moment to realize, he start to pull his phat head in my tie asshole, and looking at my face and seeing that I can feel it and single inch getting in, gentle and firm, he continue to push in it, thru mooning and pain, he finally able to conquer my ass and with his entire cock inside he stop, just to take some air, and without hesitation, stars to fuck me like never before, enjoying, appreciating and sweating, talking dirty, getting more and more arouse.

He pull his cock out and stick in my mouth to make more wet, after few strokes and he flips me and in doggie style push all his phat beautiful cock in it, hugging me and mounting on me seeing his cock in and out.

Flip me again on sides, he wants me to cumme first, and he starts to play with my nipples with his hot and wet tongue.

Nude phat daddy

Seeing me going crazy and cumming he stars go faster and rough until he pull his cock out and give me a hot bath with his luscious cummm. He is fucking hot, young, cute, and a great amazing sex man. Him jus walking into a room making me take off everything and sit on the bed then him stand in front of me and pull out his dick have me suck it for a while then him takeing off everything then layin me on the bed turnin me onto my stomach and jus givin it to me Give me one good chance and I'll let you hit the spot, I promise you, it like Gold harder to find even better to hold If you had one taste you wouldn't wanna go back: I'll lick and suck you like a strawberry pop sickle I'd love to slide all up in Phat Daddy's guts.

Put my pretty phat brown dick up in dat and push dat nutt outta him while I'm bustn' backback nutts myself. It would be hot to see Phat Daddy in a threesome with Suspect and Santiago. In the scene, Phat Daddy amd Santiago should take turns plowing suspects hole. Or Phat daddy and suspect would also be hot as a twosome. I would like to pay whatever it takes to get you to come to las vegas and 1 evening with me.

Its for real yo. My fantasy is to lay fat daddy on my bed and give him a good massgae that will have his towa curling, then start to work my tongue from the bottom of his feet to his sexy legs up to his big ass dick and suck that shit a little to give him something to think about.

Then keep working my mouth on up to his sexy lickable six pack abs on up to his nipples and play with then. Then on up to leave a million soft kisses around his neck that leaves him breathless. Then once I reach his soft pink lips and kiss him so slow and passionate while mounting myself on top of his big dick and give him the best ride of his life until we both bust a big load.

I would phat daddy to sweep me one day and take me out for a night on the town and then after we have some fu on the town he takes me back to his room to have some all night fun I would be working in u would just come in and i see u To let it all begin. I would turn on some Luther Vandross, cut off the lights and light a honey suckle burning oil lamp. At which point we take a steamy hot shower to the vibrations of Luther.

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While I gently wash his sweaty body I would i breath softly onto his nipples, trying not to blow a fuse in my head. I then allow my hands to glide down his thighs and begin to wash his calves. Now I insert his dick into my mouth and slowly let my tongue dance around the head of his dick. I can't finish this fantasty, I must now masturbate. Damn Phatt i wanna get to know you better, i also want a taste of that ass and 10inches i want u to be all mines.

Damn he sexc az shyt. I want him. I would love to find a guy that has a body like no other man has and he has to have a big cock,sexy ass body a fat ass Then I would love to fuck him onto my brain explodes. My fantasy is to have a dildos of Phat Daddy's dick and of course a big picture to use because he lives in another city.

PhatDaddy just seems like a cool kat. I would just like to get to know him first, maybe go to a movie or club, have dinner at my place since i cook, and just let whatever happens Damn boy you look good. A saturday night dinner date and casino hopping. Then a quiet time together watching a movie at home. To have Phat daddy and his bro own their own porn site, and fuck whomever they please as long as I can watch.

As you bottomed for big dick Tiger Tyson for full 20 mins, luv ta see you and King Dingo bottom together for some hot dudes, as nutthin better than dudes with big dicks getting their cakes smashed.

Dear phat daddy, I just want to say bret, I got a major crush on you. I got all your movies and I wish it was me. But you got millions of people that jokin you right now.

And its just a crush. But If your ever n da Carolinas hit me up. My fantasy involved phat daddy coming to a my home so that I can take all that Dick orally and Anullly until he shoot out his big daddy load in every part of my house. I just think that phat daddy and his bro KING are so hott I would lik him from head 2 toes and would love 2 have a flip secion all night long and eat that ass.

My fantasy is to have Phat Daddy suck my dick until I nutt in his mouth and he swallow my juice.

Feb 26,   Phat daddy clips are one of the most sought after types of gay porn on the web today. It is truly some of the hottest sex you will ever get the chance to see. Luckily for you, at we offer you a huge selection of the finest videos, all for free! , phat daddy gay xxx FREE videos found on XVIDEOS for this search. Similar searches gay brasil amador orgy gay phat daddy gay brasil amador king dingo gay party girl wakes up in bed after night out phat gay men king dingo hotrod gay black gay thug street naked workout rafael torloni gay gay nude wrestling sexo gay brasileiro orgy small flat threesome 3 phat daddy gay mexican dad thug gay orgy bear black cocl.

Then, I flip him ova and eat out that ass of his until he begs me to fuck him. Then, I slide my dick deep in his tight hole.

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He bucks his ass back onto my dick, riding that dick and moaning about how good it feels. Then, he tell me to bust that nutt inside of him.

He wants to feel it. So I fuck him even harder and deeper until we both nutt - Phat daddy all ova himself and me deep inside his tight ass.

join. happens. can

We doing that shit again. Damn he is so phine!!!!! I would love to flip flop with him! Me in that ass first then him in me then me in him and we continue until I give in and let him fuck the hell outta me. I would then like to nutt on his pretty pink lips and see him swallow it. He just so damn phine! More of him please! A Jovonne and Phat daddy flip flop would mean a lot of new subscriptions!!!!! I am phat daddy number 1 bitch I would love to see Phat Daddy, Cornbread, and Jovonnnie in a three way swap fest.

Everybody gets the dick from everybody. Three hard studs fuckin like beasts and taking dick like a man. Damn my dick is hard just thinking about it. He is more than what I could ever want in a country, thug fuck. Just to hear him talk sets me on fire.

I love to hear this guy talk. I would treat him so good, buy him what he likes, feed him and be his sex slave. I just wanna see this man all the time just fucking with that big ass dick of his I am so infactuated with this guy that its crazy I would do anything this man wanted me to do I would work for this man and give him whole check every week DawgPound USA.

About Phat Daddy: The name says it all-Phat Daddy's got the body and the big dick to back up his name. Cristobol Phat Daddy. I Want Him For Myself. Get Out! Vice Phat Daddy Mystery T. Where's My Fluffer? Phat Daddy Alejandro. Fantasy about Phat Daddy. Fantasy about Phat Daddy from hobbs nm. Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Philadelphia. Fantasy about Phat Daddy from San Francisco bay area. Fantasy about Phat Daddy from Houston tx.

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