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Melania Trump turned the White House lawn into her runway this morning at the annual Easter Egg Roll, stepping out in a springlike look with some surprising edge. The year-old wore a long-sleeved baby blue coat-dress by Michael Kors. For footwear, the ex-model went with shoes from Christian Louboutin - one of her go-to choices. While she is a big fan of stilettos, Melania traded her high heels for flats, selecting nude ballerinas perfect for walking on grass. Meanwhile, President Donald Trump sported a black suit with a pale pink tie adding a springlike element to his ensemble. In , she wore a Burberry trench coat in ice blue with slim-fitting black trousers. The look was punctuated by black suedelike knee-high boots with a sensible midheel.

Is this a good story? The bottom line is our society is so screwed up that even after the alleged easter egg of a nude inappropriately young girl, an entire forum is built on the grounds that Lewis Carol may or may have not taken drugs! This is a sick and sad world that actually gives a damn.

Why not prevent statutory, or child pornography? All of your points can be noted and either agreed upon or not. He made some timeless movies and books which everyone, but maybe some, enjoy.

hope, you

So who cares whether he was high or not. Look at Dr. Jacob Gullickson writes:. It's a well known fact that the Disney animators are a little perverse. They try to slip something like this in their movies often, but they are normally cut out of the home video versions, or re-releases. I don't see the Alice, could some one tell me like exactly where it is and what scene Lewis Carroll was on drugs.

There is hard evidence, so nobody can openly deny it. If you've read the book, which many of you haven't, its clear to see that it is influenced strongly by opium. As for the people that said it is children's fantasy, they're wrong. When Carroll wrote this book, he was not doing it for Disney to go and make it light and fluffy so that children would like it.

This book is for mature readers, not for children. Ok whoever made that comment about fantasia not having any drug references Also Lewis Carrol was an opium smoker at the time. Please do some research on the era. It explains how people lived and is the best answer to understand them.

It is called anthropology and sociology. I dislike that so many people are closed minded to the facts. There is no proof of either way.

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He may or may not of used drugs. There is no evidence to support the accusation that he did or did not use drugs writing this book. Let us focus on the facts that it was a creative book that even captures the imagination of even us adults. Which I feel was a great idea of his to include us in the mystery of the book.

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Not many authors have that skill to have such a wide variety of readers. Which is the point of many authors is to sell their ideas to as many people as they can to make money. That is usually the main goal of most writers to use their ideas as a profit. I mean this literally, all writers profit from their works.

Whether it is to profit with dignity or money. There is some sort of profit. Which I guess is more than just money for Carroll, but to win a young girl's affection. That's it. Get over the drug issue, please? Everyone's a critic. There is no proof that Lewis Carroll did drugs.

It could be very likely that he was into opium but the whole point that he wrote his two Alice books were for a child friend of his, Alice Liddell who in fact he also took child pornographic pictures of- but that's another story. The nude Alice is definitely a fake. As far as all the drug stuff goes, that's just the pot-heads of today all teaming up and looking for something to be interested in.

And as far as the Disney version of the movie, is anyone actually surprised that it mixes the two books wonderland and looking glass and really doesn't follow them completely?

It's Disney and they like to have control over everything. I like to think of it as an amazing story with extreme, vivid imagination told by a highly intelligent mathematician meant for a little girl. That's my two-sense! Back on the egg subject, I didn't see the nude Alice, but take a look at the trees when the rabbit is going over the hill It might not have been intended, but when you're looking for something, you may find it whether it's there or not.

Anyway, take a look. First, for all of you who know better; The stupidest thing I've heard of these comments was those of you who actually made to say "Do a little research before you burst out blah blah blah". Espescially nowadays. Should you listen to your neighbour which neigbour? You get my point. And for my opinion on the whole thing - it does not matter whether Lewis Carroll was on drugs or not.

Or, to correct myself; it did sure matter for the outcome of his stories, but why are we arguing some myths anyway? Like me. Like him. Like her. And like you. So skip the drug discussion, there's more interesting things to be discussed. If Alice was nude or not; we can at least check for evidence if we have that original tape.

long time

It's taped. And it's a movie by Disney, not by Carroll. So for you people who can't tell the difference I think the movie is pure creativity and imagination, surely due to drugs. Drugs open a 'gateway' to other universes: which would be represented as Alice falling down, entering Wonderland.

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Obviously Disney has to cover things up because society is afraid of what kids may interpret the movie, but mainly scared of the truth. Like other comments have stated the most genius of people have some way been influenced by drugs.

Do you think Einstein woke up one day thinking he wanted to solve equations for the rest of his life? Listen America, get off your lazy arses and take the movie, book and life for what it is: an amazing movie that has you arguing whether or not this man did drugs. And as far as the naked Alice, Disney has a tendency to throw in a couple of hidden secrets, but doesn't everything else?

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Its Disney, a man who has made billions by making people stand in lines for two hours. Besides Disney has more hidden secrets than you know.

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Simply for humor. Take it for what it is! Everyone keeps saying LSD wasn't around till the 40's and that is true and all, but LSD wasn't the first hallucinogin discovered. You all are forgetting that mushrooms have been around close to years LSD and mushrooms have very similar if not the same hallucinations. They both give the user an escape from reality so the LSD story behind it may very well be true except in my opinion it would be about mushrooms since LSD " wasn't around".

As far as my knowledge goes, Carroll was pretty fond of Opium. Many of the images and scenarios are probably Opium-induced. I've never seen that before! He had an extensive child porn collection, which would make the nude Alice somewhat coinsidental, if infact it is there. Also, the movie isn't about the effect of drug hallucinations, it is a mockery of the English Monarch durring his time.

A "Jolly Caucus Race" it's making fun of the Monarch without them being able to tell. I'm confused as to how people can be defending a man on NOT using drugs, when in-fact none of you have ever even met him. There's obviously drug references in the books and the lame Disney movie, which dosen't say he used drugs, but like-wise dosen't say he didn't.

criticising write

So before you people start trying to state facts, think about what your saying. Actually to all of you debating whether it's about drugs or if he was on drugs.

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There are actually debates on whether he really wrote the stories. There are rumors that one of the queens a LONG time before them wrote them. Please understand this logic. People were stupid to the facts and the results of drugs from the time we discovered them even to when Albert Einstein was here. Many of our great thinkers, inventors, and writers used drugs, even if we have no proof.

I can probably can be trusted to say, they used it at least once even if it was for just a medical problem. We all have, exceptions of those whom never been exposed to them through doctors or drug dealers. Example: Einstein was discovered to use LSD and other drugs after dying. Just because he was smart did not exclude him from using drugs. Get a grip on reality. Drugs have been around for a long, long, long time. It has been just understanding these drugs that we have found out recently the true effects of them.

Please do not be ignorant to the facts. Just because there is no proof does not exclude them. Documentation of even that era, was a little vague.

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We still have not mastered a way to do such things to the people of today. Anyone can use drugs and never have those experiences documented.

It happens everyday around us.

agree, the

It is just more prevalent nowadays that we can see the effects because we have the knowledge. I was unable to find the egg. It is entirely possible to be creative without using drugs. I myself am extremely creative and have graduated for video game design in college-leading both graphic teams and story writing teams for various projects in my life and developing many games and websites, photos, and modeling in the meantime.

I'm not gonna lie-I'm pretty crazy in general, and maybe my brain chemistry is naturally on drugs. I'm pretty certain I even have a little autism. It's possible. TheMagic 27 writes:. Lewis Carroll was a genius, not a pot-head. Apparently, you REAL pot-heads just wish that someone with his amount of genius would do as you do. Fat chance. You have no solid proof whatsoever that he used drugs, it's all just hearsay.

I also watched Fantasia obsessively when I was a child, and it was NOT drug induced, although one of the animators did happen to be addicted to a prescription drug, I forget what. There is a HUGE difference. Both movies are beautiful, genius, and simply amazing in so many ways. Also, about the child "porn". In fact, in the eyes of many dedicated and very famous artists, nudity is used to exress certain emotions, and even simple beauty.

Just because it's nude doesn't make it porn, or even sexual at all. Ok most of you are wrong, Lewis Carrol was on opium because at the time when he lived Opium was llegal and so was LSD in the 60s, now opium was able to buy and was smoked in front of children and saying how he couldn't of done drugs and been such an intelligent bets me, I used to to drugs and all it does is make you relaxed and a lot more creative.

People that say that he couldn't of done any of these things if he was on drugs has proberly never tryed drugs so don't start crittosizing, in that time it wasn't illegal to smoke opium which is why the movie has it in, some people just don't like to belive what is true! Yeah my boyfriend says the same thing about the drugs.

really. And have

The hookah, mushrooms everywhere, the size changes and the trippy colors. Still, this movie was made in the 50s when drug use wasn't a talked-about subject.

But I think you are right. Even if he wasn't on drugs while he was telling the story or writing it, by doing drugs just once can make you crazy and think differently forever. It doesn't happen to everyone but opium and lsd and whatever you guys were saying are some of the strongest drugs out there. He had to have done drugs before, it is all over the movie and book. Being the genius that he was, he was already thinking pretty abstractly so who knows.

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Think what you want to. Is it not physically possible for someone to be an intelligent, oxford educated, mathmatician and still use mind altering drugs? The fact that he was smart really doesn't build a case against that. Yes, fantasy stories can be created without drug use but it seems unlikely that they would include hookahas, size changing mushrooms etc. In the same respect, you can't argue against the pornography theory by saying he was an artist.

Edgar Allen Poe was in love with his 13 yr old first cousin and Pete Townshend was charged with pedophilia. The story is great regardless. Why argue about something so insignificant? Its a shame you haven't found out the whole "tripping" while writing the book is a myth. You really think LSD was around in Carrol's time? Shrooms maybe. Lewis Carrol was not a pedophile.

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