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Doctor Who - Complete Bad Wolf Speech

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Con: he would not have sex with Rose Tyler. Conclusion: wonderful and tragic, respectively. Not like he didn't have the time. How many people had Rose had sex with, anyway?

The Doctor shuddered at the thought of Mickey, pulled his mind away in horror from the involuntary mental image of two human bodies entwined in Rose's old bedroom. Not thinking about that.

Not not not. Rose couldn't have enjoyed it that much anyway. Not that much. Obviously not. Rose would want. What would Rose want? In bed. Or in the shower. Possibly on a table or against the wall. Ooh, a couch. Or a hammock. That would be difficult. Possibly worse than a waterbed. What would that be like, sex with Rose Tyler on a waterbed?

Bouncy, but fluid. Or what if she was on top? If he bucked - if he could buck - would she fall off? No bucking, then.

His mouth slowly went dry, his breath coming out in shallow exhalations through parted lips. He'd been staring at the same bit of circuitry without seeing it for at probably ten minutes, but as he wasn't paying attention to that, he couldn't have said the exact time. Fixated on something else, that was him. Rose Tyler. On top of him. Molding herself around him, hot, tight, wet and only-for-him.

Her human-hot hands pressing on his shoulders, fingernails scratching skin. Her hips circling, shimmying, grinding as she suddenly clenched down. Her eyes falling shut, her mouth falling open, her head falling back as a wanting murmur fell from lips too distant to kiss. Her hair spilling over her shoulders, sticking to her face from sweat, urging him to touch.

Her breasts bouncing as she rode him, taut peaks begging for his tongue. The strange, rolling slosh of a water-filled mattress rocking him back up under her, into her.

Her hooded eyes drawing him in until all he was, all he ever could be was drowning, drowning in her. The clamor of metal made him blink and look down. Though having dropped it, he didn't think to pick up his sonic screwdriver.

The noise identified as something safe to ignore, he safely ignored it, wandering absently away. His feet took him to Rose's bedroom, his mind already inside, listening vaguely to a conversation about mosquito bite treatment of all things.

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He could see her there in perfect detail. She'd tossed herself down on the bed to feel it bounce; she'd wriggled around a bit to get comfortable, mussing the duvet as she did; her top had ridden up, exposing a line of skin that would much rather be covered by hands and lips than cloth anyway.

And as her hair tumbled over the edge of the bed, she'd taken out her mobile and called home. The thought of Jackie barged its way unannounced into the Doctor's musings on sex with Rose.

The result was not good. Or actually, due to the doubtlessly humiliating reaction he might have otherwise witnessed as Rose realized what was going on in his head, the result was very good. Very good in that it was very preventative. There would be slapping. And screeches of rage. And she would try to badger Rose into leaving him. So by having sex with Rose, he would. The Doctor stood there for perhaps too long, puzzling out whatever logic it took to make that sentence make sense.

Long enough for the door to open, Rose blinking at him. Even staring at her mouth as he was, he couldn't have been sure. She'd forgotten the name of the bug almost as soon as the Doctor had said it, too preoccupied with his growing incoherence to memorize it. Her rummaging through the library had turned up next to nothing relevant and absolutely nothing helpful. She'd even been desperate enough to phone her mum and ask for a quick internet search.

She wasn't looking forward to explaining why, either. As it was, that mental mosquito bite had a lot to answer for. She had half a mind to get a load of bug spray and go wreck havoc outside. The worst thing that could happen would be her getting completely focused on killing the things.

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Maybe she'd try her hand at it, after she got this taken care of. In reply, Rose yanked the strap through the buckle hard enough to get his attention. She could answer and he wouldn't pay attention.

His unfastened hand reached across to touch her cheek. She'd only gotten the one wrist down, the Doctor willing to sit still but unable to help. Catching his hand, Rose shook her head.

He turned his hand to better hold hers. The motion must have been automatic, something that all the rampant higher brain function couldn't interfere with. An involuntary smile tugged at her lips at the thought. A glance up to his eyes found them bright and focused, something soft in his gaze as he smiled back at her.

His pupils were still hugely dilated, but there was a part of Rose more than willing to rationalize that symptom away. For a moment, he was all right. He was better than all right. He was perfect, save for the red mark on the side of his neck, a jarring physical reminder of his condition. Rose bit her lip, realizing now why he must have been in such a hurry to get away from her before. Seeing him like this, so completely clueless.

It was like some fundamental rule of the universe had been broken, the Doctor turning into an idiot. Instead of answering him, she dropped his hand, unable to hold it and go around the chair to the other side at the same time.

The first time she'd seen the arm restraints on the pseudo-dentist chair, she'd been unpleasantly surprised. Having to actually use them, however, was not something she'd thought she'd ever need to do. Continuing to watch her, the Doctor gave her back his hand the moment she reached for it, surprisingly cooperative again. He was having a better moment right now, Rose was sure. Even looked like he'd be able to hold up his end of a conversation.

He held still for her as she unbuttoned his cuff and pushed the sleeve of his shirt up, fingers brushing what he liked to refer to as the manly hairs on his manly hairy arm. It occurred to her that she'd never seen it before, had never seen him even remotely shirtless.

She shook her head to herself, focusing on the task at hand instead of her hormones. The restraint strap was padded on the inside and she was fairly certain that it would be more comfortable on him than having his shirt grind into his wrists for five hours.

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Once again, Rose was distantly thankful the Doctor had retained enough sense to take his suit jacket off before hopping up into the chair. Less to deal with, anyway.

Even if he always looked distractingly naked when only wearing one layer. As she pulled the strap out from the simple buckle, the Doctor's free hand rose as if to touch her shoulder or to point at something behind her. Rose caught it quickly and brought it back down. In a stroke of brilliance, she stuck her own hand through the open restraint to take his hand. Contact made, fingers tightened and he smiled at her again.

Like threading a needle, Rose pulled her hand out of the strap and, in the same motion, brought the Doctor's willing hand through it. With her free hand, she pulled the strap back through the buckle and fastened it clumsily, trapping him by the wrist. As gently as she could, she tested to see if the Doctor would be able to pull out, pushing at his arm, shoving at it a bit. Rose looked up at his question. And that wasn't confusion in his voice; that was bemused condescension, like he thought she was off being an idiot human, a stupid ape, but couldn't fully bring himself to care.

The angle was awkward, Rose having to lean over the chair a bit, her arms around his neck. Her hip bumped against the back of his bound hand. She felt the tension in his shoulders, felt his hand move unsuccessfully as he tried and failed to reciprocate.

At least she knew she'd done the job properly. Pressing the side of his head against hers, the Doctor chuckled, a wonderful sound of both surprise and amusement. Rose giggled with helpless relief into his shoulder, holding to him tightly until she was nearly gasping for air. Five more of that would have been - she didn't want to even think about it.

There was that so-called superior Time Lord physiology, breaking down toxins the way he'd always claimed he could. She drew back at the touch, a surge of heat flooding through her from the cool contact. Alien git, getting himself into this mess, touching her like it didn't matter. She was acutely aware of the blush spreading cross her features, feeling the burn across her cheeks.

The way he grinned at her wasn't helping any. And his eyes were still huge, all dark with barely a ring of brown around the edges. Rose blinked, realizing what that meant. Shaking inside, Rose did the only thing that made sense. She slipped her hand into his, threaded their fingers together and held tight. She held with both hands, almost clutched at him.

Five hours left, Rose thought and looked around for a chair. She could hold his hand for five hours.

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His brain was practically whirring with the effort it took to stretch the subject, to keep up the connections of logic. Sex with Rose Tyler. Not letting Rose know. Conversation to not let Rose know. Controlling reactions to not let Rose know. Controlling thoughts to control reactions. Not the actual act of Rose Tyler. Bad repercussions. Rose leaving. Jackie slap. Thoughts tumbled like a house of cards, fell like two bodies onto a waiting bed, impossibly intertwined and entangled, unwilling to pull apart.

His fingers stilled on her palm for a moment only before resuming their exploration purposefully. Sweat slowly gathered on the whorls and mounds and lines, each traced, touched, stroked. Human, sweaty palms, Rose.

Good or bad? Flight-or-fight response byproduct. Was she nervous? The motion was halted before it could fully begin. He looked down, saw at his bound wrists. Looked at Rose and forgot.

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He was now firmly resigned to the fact that sex with Rose Tyler did not simply involve sex with Rose Tyler. It involved making love to Rose Tyler. He'd do more than just try. He'd pull her against him, relish the way they fit together, a match of bodies too flawless for only platonic embraces. He'd taste her, coax her lips to part, lap into her mouth as she sighed into his, her clever fingers working at his tie. He'd dip his hands between them, lower the zipper of her jeans with all the deliberateness of a very, very deliberate man.

And she'd smile at him as he did it, half-sultry, half-shy. You should really go. Her grip on his hand tightened. Be less boring. Oh, right, lying. Repercussion-prevention giving way to more repercussions. Had he said that aloud? He couldn't tell.

phrase apologise

Had - no, nonononono, he hadn't. He was sure. If he'd started, he wouldn't have run out of adjectives already. Couldn't have started. Rose stood up from her chair, stood close, stood over him.

He wiggled his eyebrows at her before he could think out the reasons why not to instead of only the rationale which made it all right. Just a little hop up and she could sit on his lap.

Just sit across his lap, maybe put an arm around his shoulders. Get a little comfortable and lean against him. Maybe squirm just a little. Only a little. Or, ooh, she could straddle him. Sit on his lap and rock, gently at first and then harder. Press against him and bring her mouth to where he could get at it. No, her neck. Nuzzling and nipping, licking and sucking, making up for his inability to touch her any other way.

He'd do that. Until she gd or breathed his name or. His respiratory bypass seemed to have kicked in. He took in a normal breath of air and said what needed to be said. Unable to pull his hand back, he released hers instead, hoping that would make the point clear.

He wanted to pull his legs up instead of simply letting them stick out on the long leg-rests of the chair, to do something - anything - in the vain hope that he could stop her from noticing what was going on directly under her nose. Now there was a mental image he really didn't need at the moment. That, directly under her nose. Which would mean her mouth would be. Abrupt and rude and very likely to get her to do as he told her to.

She'd leave and stay away and he could apologize later - well, sort of apologize, but she would understand what he meant - and then they could continue on without him making a complete mess of things. With all the effort he could muster, he kept his mouth shut, stopped himself from calling her back as she stormed off, leaving him trapped in the infirmary, completely alone.

Vaguely, he remembered this being part of a plan, a way of stopping the outright molestation of his companion. Inwardly fuming and hating it - he wasn't in his right mind, she couldn't blame him, not really - she went back to the library. Picking up where she had left off, Rose quickly realized why she had actually resorted to calling her mum for help. Staring down literally countless rows of shelves, books piled high in semi-translated alien languages, Rose winced at the sheer magnitude of what was in front of her.

Rose shook her head out of habit more than anything else. Not hopeless, never hopeless. She just hadn't found a way around it yet. Okay, think. No more running around panicking. Looking up "mental mosquito" in the database - provided she could find the database - still wasn't going to give her an answer. Not the answer she needed, anyway.

Loads of answers, but all in books she had to track down and search through if she actually managed to find them. Unable to remember, Rose trouped out to the console room to stare at the monitor for a bit. The oddly geometric characters of the Doctor's language shone clearly on the display.

The console was warm against her hand, reassuringly solid beneath her palm.

Jun 05,   Doctor Who Rose Tyler Sexy,Hot Body,Touch her body. Rose Tyler is a fictional character in the British science fiction television series Doctor Who. She was created by series producer Russell T Davies and portrayed by Billie Piper. With the revival of Doctor Who in , Rose was introduced as a new travelling companion of the series protagonist, the Doctor, in his ninth and tenth incarnations. Her most famous role is as Rose Tyler, companion to the Doctor, in the television series Doctor Who from to , a role she reprised in and In , Broadcast magazine listed Piper at no. 6 in its "Hot Lucy Lawless (Xena) Nude Fakes.

The question was addressed to the ceiling this time. The answering hum wasn't one Rose could understand, which in itself might have meant yes. After a moment of glaring at the monitor, Rose fetched some bug spray. At least, she was fairly sure it was bug spray.

Would it work on these things? Let her through whatever insect-infested patch of land they were sitting on long enough to find someone and ask a few questions? The Doctor had said there was a swarm out there, hadn't he? Too big for her to fight off?

Or she could simply try to hold a thought and get out there. One thought, one thing for her to focus on. That was simple: save the Doctor.

Looking up, Rose stopped, a can of the spray in each hand. If that was the only help she was getting right now, she should probably listen to it. Leaning against the railing, she puzzled this out some more. So she went outside, she sprayed the things, got the name of the planet or better yet, a cure, and then she came back. The things that could go wrong were, just for starters: the spray not working, the spray not lasting long enough, and ending up being bitten by the bugs.

If she got her thought wrong, if she couldn't control her mind in that moment of panic. He believed that Rose was the first example of the production team creating a well written companion. Burk and Smith found the pairing of the Doctor and Rose to be unlikable in the episode "Tooth and Claw" because they were "acting like smug idiots".

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Stephen James Walkera writer of reference works on Doctor Whogave an unfavourable review to Rose's return in " Turn Left " in his "unauthorised guide to Doctor Who' s fourth series ," Monsters Within. He thought that Billie Piper was "distinctly below par", citing her gaunt and malnourished appearance, new hairstyle, and slight lisp as reasons why her acting was not her finest. He criticised her role in the episode, stating it had been "far less well worked out" than Donna's.

ASMR - Doctor Who and Rose Tyler Role Play ?? Personal Attention, Caring, Trigger Testing

He thought that it undermined her "perfect send off" in "Doomsday" as she was on the sidelines for much of "Journey's End", and her ending up with the part human, part Time Lord Doctor "feels like an insult to the character". He called Piper "a true and unending legend of Doctor Who " and stated that "her wise rendition of the Bad Wolf avatar made a passable stab at the stealing of the show". Geoff Boucher of the Los Angeles Times named Rose the ninth best sidekick of all time, referring to her as "the saucy and smart character who was key to the success of the Russell T Davies relaunch of Doctor Who in ".

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Fictional character in the TV series Doctor Who. I wanted something to happen in life, I wanted a bit more. I wanted to find someone who could challenge my ideas. So I definitely tapped into that. Doctor Who. Series 1.

Episode 1. BBC One. Episode 2. Episode 8. Episode Series 2.

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Episode 3. Episode 5.

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Episode 6. Episode 9. BBC Three. Series 3. Series 4. The Clockwise Man. BBC Books. The Monsters Inside.

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Winner Takes All. The Deviant Strain. Only Human. The Stealers of Dreams. The Stone Rose. The Feast of the Drowned.

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Archived from the original mp3 on 20 January Retrieved 30 October Digital Spy.

Rule 34, if it exists there is porn of it. Discover ideas about Rose Tyler Rose Tyler Nude | YuGiOh Rose Tyler Graphics, Pictures, & Images for Myspace Layouts Rose Tyler Free Graphics Bad Wolf Pictures Images Doctor Who Layouts Nude The Originals Tenth Doctor. Follow/Fav Dr Doctor Gives Miss Rose Tyler a Thorough Check-Up. By: LemonyTARDIS. Rose Tyler lets the Doctor live up to his name and give her a medical examination, which escalates into something much more. TenxRose. Drose. Rated M for Explicit Medical Kink Role-play Sex. Don't like, don't read.

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