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Above told nude sister law lie. congratulate, this

Brothers & Sisters - Opening Scene

WOW - this is so like us, except we're both dudes. Well, it was us a few years ago. When my brother was like 13, he started going around naked when our parents went out. I was only I just stayed in my room. So one day he said I HAD to go naked and he made me take everything off.

Whenever our parents were out of the house, we would take off our clothes and hang out nude together. Wednesday nights is our parents bowling night.

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Soon as out parents left the house, our clothes came off and we would chill out in our birthday suits until they came home. We didn't tell any of our friends about our nudist activities until just recently.

It was our little secret. Home nudism is great, however. We waited for a weekend when our parents were in Reno for a bowling tournament and we bo0ked ourselves a room in Palm Springs at a nudist hotel and resort.

The resort was fantastic.

We had a very nice room with a queen sized bed and a lovely view of the nearby mountains. I was a little expensive but it was worth it. They had a swimming pool ,Jacuzzi, tennis.

All the things any nice resort would have.

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The only difference was you could go anywhere on the property nude. Going nude in front of other people was much easier than I thought it would be. Since all of the other guests are also nude, I didn't feel like I was standing out. I actually saw other woman even fatter than me. My brother also felt comfortable Recently my brother and I found about a Japanese style bath house in the Los Angeles area.

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For those of you who don't know Traditional Japanese families bath together in huge bath tubs. We decided to give it a try and made a reservation.

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The bathhouse has two parts. They have private rooms with a large sunken tub, and a gigantic communal tub for soaking only.

We started out in our private room and took a bubble bath together. After about an hour we decided to go out to the communal tub and joined others. It was oh so relaxing.

In the last year both my brother and I have really embraced the nudist lifestyle and do not plan on living any other way.

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Xper 5. It really just depends on the family. I myself believe that a body is just another body, and at the end of the day I don't care.

I'm a 20year old male and I'm a solid 8/10, my sister in law is a 10/10 The other day at a family event me and my sister in law were in the bar section talking to each other when all of a sudden she smiles at me and moves her chair very close to me, to the point where we are only a foot away from each other. I saw my girlfriends younger sister naked, What should I do? Anonymous. Follow. Facebook. Twitter. 0 2. So I was at my girlfriends house (she's 16 i'm 17) and we wanted to play a board game so we everyone in her family if they wanted to play except her sister. My girlfired had to go to the bathroom so she sent me to go ask her sister so I went. Caught by the In-Laws! - Nesties share mortifying moments while visiting the parents. Cringeworthy hint: They're naked. Get more family and in-law advice from the experts at

When I have kids though, I don't think they need to be running around the house naked after the age of 5, just because I think it would give them the wrong message and goes against the fact that your body is 'yours and yours only'. Well, I would be completely weirded out if I saw my brother nude or vice versa; or my parents maaaaybe not so much my mom but If I had sisters I probably wouldn't be uncomfortable with it.

Nude sister law

So personally it would be very strange to see any of my family members nude BUT at the same time I know that people are raised differently and what's normal for me doesn't have to be what's normal for you so I don't think people who, like you, are fine with being nude around their family members are weird or wrong by any means.

Depends on your society and the values it has passed on to you. For instance, in some societies little or no clothing is worn. In some, clothing is worn constantly outside the home, but within the home the level of dress may extend to nothing and still be normal and non-sexual.

My sister and I are very comfortable changing in front of each other. I'm slightly less comfortable being nude around my mom, but it's also not that big a deal since I'm very used to it. However, I haven't been nude in front of my dad for years. I feel different about changing in front of him for obvious reasons. "My mother-in-law got my sister-in-law (who's single) a sexy night gown for Christmas. She got me (a newlywed) a bathrobe!" - Rachel "My mother-in-law calls my husband every night to ask him what he's had for dinner. Then she asks him if he liked it. Blah!! Did I mention that she gave a four-minute toast at our wedding basically calling me. I need a females perspective on this! I'm 21 and my sister is 19 years old. I don't know what to do I got home from work early and thought no one was home so I went into the computer room and started going at it I knew I should've locked the door! my sister walked in and saw everything I was shocked.

In many of the Pacific island, it used to be the standard for women to wear nothing above their waists. Then the missionaries came and preached that their natural way of living was extremely bad and they were terrible sinners.

But guess who fathered the first mixed breeds.

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If a family believes in the natural beauty of all bodies and makes it clear that sexual contact within that unit, other than by the parents, is wrong, then it can be a normal, good thing.

But that should be something that is present from the birth of the first child. To raise kids with the idea that they need to be clothed within the house, then change the rules, could be damaging.

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Also, if a family believes in nudity in proper public venues, like a nude beach or nude resort, then the children raised in this environment, either living at a nude facility or visiting there often will usually have a healthy attitude toward nude bodies.

They will have the same interests in the other sex but not get all freaked out and having erections just because they see the other sex. Some nudist facilities often have social events, even dances, where the contact and reaction is the same as a ballroom dance.

In a slow dance the bodies touch, but there is no arousal at least at the ones I have seen. In these cases, siblings see each other, as well as others, nude quite a bit of the time. They have less questions or curiosities driving them because so much is out in the open. I know some people may judge me for it but idc - I've jacked off while thinking of my sister.

I remember once she was blasting music while getting ready for school and I started opening her door to tell her to stfu.

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I saw everything. I stood there for a few seconds before closing the door and going back to my room. I had an instant boner dude. Sign Up Now! Sort Girls First Guys First. Crash into Me "We stayed at my husband's dad's house and were upstairs in a bedroom next to his dad and stepmom's. The first night we started getting it on and broke the headboard. Porch Song "One time at my husband's mom's house, we were having sex when we heard her pull into the driveway.

He quickly finished, dressed, and flew outside to help her with the groceries. I'm not sure how, but he managed to drop the used condom on her front porch. As she was coming into the house, it stuck to the bottom of her shoe.

ok i hope girls understand my problem. I have this sister of me who is 19 and i am she happens to be my real sister. She said that her boyfriend left her bcoz he thinks that her boobs are not very attractive[i dont think so ]. She is really close to me so she shares most of the things with me. I am very much depressed as last week I was f***ed by my brother in law when I was along at home. he came over for a short drop and no one was home that time. my husband was away to work and I had taken leave from work to sort out things at home. How unfortunate I am that on this particular day I. Under no circumstances should you let your twin sister know that you see her in a sexual way or her nakedness turns you on. That will totally mess her up since I guarantee you she thinks it is no big deal. Just leave the room when she is naked in your presence and eventually she will probably get the message and throw a towel on.

She was like, ' What is this? Little Helper "My in-laws were visiting for the day, and my father-in-law got it into his head to get on his hands and knees to fix a leg on our couch. He came face-to-face with my vibrator, which was hidden there for some reason.

Unfair Game "One day as we were mid-sex on the basement couch at my wife's parents' place, her mom decided to come downstairs. I couldn't get my pants up fast enough, so I just pulled my mercifully long shirt down to my pants where I was sitting. Next time, lock the door first. Udon bring it up. Don't speak about it. She feels awkward. You feel awkward. But she masturbates. You masturbate.

A question about siblings and nudity

She'll just make sure she knocks before she walks in next time. Supershybutcrazycool Xper 4. Your sister is probably just as embarrassed as you are.

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In my opinion, to end all awkwardness, just make fun of it. Apologize for not locking the door and never speak of it again. They are as fake as shit but really entertaining at least. Well it'll be awkward at first but you're family, and masturbating is normal.

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Get over it. Relax she masturbates too whether she'll admit it or not. Strider90 Yoda. A real man has been caught at least two times jerking off. Its a rule. You should leave a tissue under her pillow and freak her out.

Try to forget! Imagine how scarred she is lol. Related myTakes.

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