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We were looking forward to a relaxing afternoon after being on two long plane rides and battling a bit of jet lag. The kids equated the lagoon to a giant pool so they were excited. The Blue Lagoon is a unique geothermal spa. The excess water supposedly totally clean is pumped into the lagoon and renewed every 40 hours. Yes, it was man made but seeing the lava field, one can easily believe it was all supernatural. The blue color is said to come from the blue-green algae. Somehow, the power plant usually gets left off in those idyllic marketing images.

I never really realized just how big the lagoon was, and I have a hard time picturing it being crowded. The lagoon was surprisingly big. It was a lot of fun and yes, those lifeguards were something else to see.

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Very detailed and helpful post - thanks! Thanks Micki! So different from a beach but definitely worth it despite the cold. Thanks for posting this. I have a Pinterest photo of this place and your post just gave it more possibility! I hope you get to visit Iceland and soak in the Blue Lagoon soon, Christine. It really was an unforgettable experience. Glad you found it useful. The lagoon was warm enough to keep us comfortable as long as we stayed in the water.

I was there last March and loved it.

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Being March, it chilly and so there were far less people around. Absolutely loved the Blue Lagoon and will definitely go again! Thanks for stopping by Suzanne! Europe in general is expensive for us North Americans but it seemed that Scandinavia was a bit more pricey.

I bet that water felt so good during the March chills. OK, the Blue Lagoon is now on my bucket list. The water looks amazing. Extra points for the swim up bar! Thanks Cathy! The water was amazingly warm. I regret not taking advantage of the swim-up bar. I have seen so many people write about this place and it has always fascinated me. Definitely need to get to Iceland. has a zero-tolerance policy against illegal pornography. All models on this website are 18 years or older. Content Removal / Abuse / DMCA ^.

Maybe we can find a housesit or something? It would break out just looking at it, lol. Thanks for stopping by Christy! We flew IcelandAir to Copenhagen and stopped in Iceland for 4 days. It was pretty expensive for everything.

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Camping was also pretty popular. Hope you two make it to Iceland soon and soak in the Blue Lagoon. Wow, this looks lovely! Such a nice way to spend the day after a long flight, although the prices are a little ouch :- Great photos and information, as always! Thanks Andi! Iceland, in general, was quite expensive. The Blue Lagoon was definitely worth the splurge though.

Yes, those aching muscles are cured after a nice long soak here. What a great and thorough description! I do want to try out some of the other natural hot springs, too. You and your girls are going to have such a great time in Iceland, Paige! Looking forward to reading your adventures in a few months. That is quite an interesting color. Thanks Marcia! Yes, it was beyond intimidating but I got over it quickly after soaking in the lagoon.

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I loved the Blue Lagoon. Good call wearing your hair up. Your hair WILL feel like straw if you get it wet!

An additional piece of advice would be to bring your own detangler and leave in conditioner and wide tooth comb, so you can immediately start your hair repair before you walk out of the locker room. Thanks for the great hair tips, Koren. Our hair ends were so rough when we got out of there. Shame on you for your attitude about nudity. My kids are perfectly fine being raised in my type of household and I feel comfortable knowing they have some modesty and humility when it comes to nudity.

Nudes at lagoon

Heck, I was shocked. I was writing about our experience and hoping to help other families traveling to the Blue Lagoon but I guess that was lost on you. Thanks for stopping by. Great tips, too. Thanks Tami! We had a waterproof case for our camera. Yup, prude here but proud of it :. First time to see this blue lagoon and I find it so amazing. So envious that I wanna go to Iceland too!

Thanks for posting all that info. I am looking to take my 4 and 6 year old there. Do you have any other kid friendly places that you would recommend? Glad it can help with your planning, Caroline! My kids loved the Golden Circle Tour and seeing the puffins. We were only there for 4 days so it was pretty busy but we got lucky that we had almost 24 hours of sunlight in June. Have you checked out my other Iceland posts? Please let me know if you have any more questions.

I am going to Iceland with my husband and son next month and so appreciate all the details you have provided in this post. I will look for your other posts about this trip. Great post! We are headed tomorrow or the next day with our two little ones.

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It has been amazing in Iceland that places like the Blue Lagoon are so open to having the kids there. Thanks for the overview! So glad you posted about the floaties. Mary, I really enjoyed this post.

Visiting Iceland's Blue Lagoon with kids is an unforgettable experience - good ones, some bad and a whole lot of naked. Be warned! Watch Blue Lagoon Nude Scene porn videos for free, here on Discover the growing collection of high quality Most Relevant XXX movies and clips. No other sex tube is more popular and features more Blue Lagoon Nude Scene scenes than Pornhub! Browse through our impressive selection of porn videos in HD quality on any device you own. Yes, you guessed it: The Blue Lagoon. I've written a lot of posts where I mention the Blue Lagoon and the whole showering naked before entering a pool debacle and sometimes I've noticed that people are a little bit afraid of visiting both the lagoon and the swimming pools because of aforementioned nakedness. So I decided to approach this.

Like your husband the Blue Lagoon has been on my list for, no kidding, years! The post was extremely informative. I have one question, was there only nakedness in the changing area? Everyone wore bathing suits in the lagoon, right? The Blue Lagoon was quite an experience. There was a lot of nakedness in the changing area but my daughter and I went into the private changing rooms.

Many also shower naked but we showered with bathing suits.

Feb 15,   Do you have to get naked at the pools in Iceland? Is it true that you have to shower naked at the Blue Lagoon? What is the nudity culture like in . Nov 22,   It's me! Matt Stone. Join me as I travel to the land of fire and ice for my honeymoon. It's our fifth and last day in Iceland. We travel to the famous Blue Lagoon, an open air spa created from. Nudity at the Blue Lagoon. Don't worry, you won't need to be nude in the Blue Lagoon. The nudity police (staff) stop at the shower point. When entering the pool you'll need to ensure you have a bathing suit after leaving the locker room and the pool Nanna Gunnarsdottir.

They had some chairs and tables on the decks. We were there this past Spring and an Icelandic friend met us at the airport and drove us there so that we could unwind after a week in London - and an aggravating trip to the airport during the tube strike. My adult daughter was a bit peeved at first because she did not like a stranger planning our trip, but two hours later I could hardly get her to leave!

We also had taken pictures at the pond by the road, not knowing that the Lagoon water was just as blue! That path from the parking lot to the building thru the lava is fascinating. I was astonished that the air above the water is cold!

It does not get heated by the water, so you will have to dash inside if you use the steps to the deck. I highly recommend instead that you enter through what looks to be a kiddie wading pool to the left of the doors to the deck. There is a door at the end of the pool which takes you directly out.

If you enter and leave this way you can keep out of the cold! The floor of that part of the Lagoon is even and smooth, so you can more easily walk there. Your overhead pictures are better than the official ones, and I am adding them to my souvenir photo album! And nobody need worry about being naked in the locker room.

Nobody cares about your body, you are all the same gender, and you will never meet them again! In the end my friends and I just decided it was easiest to go with the flow and try not to think about it. This write-up is very helpful!!! We will be in Iceland this coming August with our children, ages 8 and 6. Did you rent a car and drive to the Blue Lagoon and Golden Circle, or did you take a bus tour? What would you recommend in terms of cost as well as flexibility.

Many thanks to Philippe and the other poster pointing out that the rule about washing yourself without a swimsuit is mandatory for a reason. I am a tour guide and take many people to the Blue Lagoon, and was there in fact just a few days ago. The original post was written inand since that time, the Blue Lagoon has put doors on the shower stalls, so there is no reason not to take a proper shower without a swimsuit on.

Big bottles of shower gel are freely available. Hair conditioner is also freely supplied which you should apply liberally to your hair. The mineral rich geothermal seawater has been beneficial to sufferers of psoriasis and there is even a special clinic on the premises where people can spend time getting treatment for skin ailments.

Read more Iceland Blue Lagoon with Kids: The good, bad and the naked. Iceland Blue lagoon trail. Iceland Blue Lagoon lockers. Bring a cover-up for the whole family and especially for the kids. I brought a sarong which was enough instead of renting a robe. Picture from Landmannalaugar to Thorsmork Five-day hiking tour. After all, even if the water in some pools seems to be a perfect temperature, the earth around them may be unstable with scalding water just beneath the surface.

Otherwise, they may be prone to heating up very quickly without warning. Remember that because Iceland's is a very young country that is still in constant formation.

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The powers operating beneath the Earth's surface are fierce and are to be respected at all times. Secondly, some hot springs have harmful bacteria in them, because they have no treatment systems like in the swimming pools. Hot pots in the Westfjords and on the Reykjanes peninsula are particularly notorious for this. Many hot springs in those areas which might be deemed safe by older sources are now unfit for bathing because of the large number of bacteria in the waters.

Towards the end of the summer season, even the waters that are popular for bathing such as those in the Highland areas of Landmannalaugar and Hveravellirbecome contaminated. Many hot springshowever, are perfectly safe to enter in the nude and some can be found without anyone around. There is no judgement from Icelanders for this kind of skinny-dipping, even if you are caught.

Of course, if there are other guests at your destination, you should perhaps ask if they mind before getting naked and joining them. Under the midnight sunthere are much smaller crowds. Equally, you could rent a four-wheel-drive and travel out to the springs in winter when there are fewer travellers around. The band's album covers and music videos frequently contain nudity, but in a way that is far more tasteful than that of most artists from countries where nudity is a subject of taboo.

In Iceland, nudity is perceived as the natural state of a human being. It is, therefore not sexualised, but combined with nature, signifying something pure, innocent and timeless.

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Though his work is dotted all over the city, his subjects are most often fully clothed. Wikimedia, Creative Commons. Most of the folk stories of Iceland tell some important truths of what the country was like historically.

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Many of them contain ancient lessons in morality. Due to the powerful moral chokehold of the church, many of these stories have an extremely conservative bend. For example, one story tells of Hidden People murdering multiple women for the crime of simply dancing in the nude. You would think that this would have deterred people from nudity, but that is not the case. Look, for example, to the Icelandic celebration of midsummer. Until the Reformation, Iceland was Catholic, and thus the people were encouraged to celebrate the birthdate of Saint John the Baptist on June 24th.

However, this day already had a purpose in the Norse faith. There was an existing tradition of rolling naked in the morning dew to secure luck for the year to come. This has been practised throughout Icelandic history by those unaffected by Christian influence.

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Icelanders love a good protest. Innudity found its way into the ongoing fight for justice when the American FreeTheNipple campaign found its way to Iceland. Even if topless nudity has been allowed in pools, women were still finding themselves subject to judgement, objectification and critique for sunbathing without covering themselves. More recently this even impacted breastfeeding in public. Furthermore, people were getting sick of the double-standard in the media. For this reason, the women of Iceland took to social media.

They posted pictures of intentional nip-slips to help show their friends and followers that they were hiding nothing frightening, dangerous or even that particularly interesting inside their bras. They also took to the streets topless. They were brave not only for breaking the taboo but because they first did so on March 26th, when the weather usually demands multiple layers.

The protest was later repeated in more pleasant conditions in June. Nudity is also featured in many other campaigns. An example of this is the Slut Walkwhich aims to shut down the shaming of women who are as sexually active as their male counterparts, as well as challenging rape culture. This bizarre, titillating and still somewhat fascinating place has hundreds of specimens taken from the animal kingdom.

There is also one particularly revolting display of a poorly preserved human member. It also, however, has rooms and cabinets displaying artwork and books dedicated to the penis. Although it might seem to you by now that Icelanders like to get naked for any reason, there is one thing they are not permitted to undress for - money.

Therefore, those who strip for a living must leave a fair amount to the imagination of their patrons. The escorts face no charges themselves. The legislation has faced criticism for being sex-negative However, the policy has also been praised for helping limit the exploiting of women being brought here to be a part of the sex trade, as well as protecting those who make a living as exotic dancers.

Even if you have read this piece with a growing feeling of horror at the thought of being watched while showering, you can at least trust that the locals are respectful enough to look away.

While you are under no pressure to join the people of Iceland in their naked glory, using the opportunity to enjoy being in your birthday suit can add streaks of liberation and exhilaration to your travels in the land of ice and fire.

Getting Naked in Iceland is no big deal to us Icelanders and we welcome you to embrace our quirky culture! Book your trip. Rent a car.

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